Fusion Thursdays 2.0 – Ganja White Night – Tampa, Florida – Pegasus Lounge – 08/11/16

Fusion Thursdays 2.0 - Ganja White Night
Thursday, August 11, 2016
8:30pm - 18+
Pegasus Lounge (map)
10008 N. 30th Street
Tampa, Florida 33612
Other Info
The Harmonic Connection and Fusion Thursdays have combined forces to bring you all the bass and wobbles you crave. Thursday, August, 11th, 2016 be Pegasus Lounge for an epic bass driven event. Ganja White Night: Mr Wobbles Tour.

Ganja White Night:Ganja White Night is an electronic music band whose early influences are found at the roots of "Bass-Music". During the past decade, the duo traveled many countries in Europe and made several tours in the United States. The band takes a new creative direction tinted with hip-hop and more generally hybrid electronic music after the release of their fourth album "Addiction" in 2014.

They decided to break the fetters that connected them almost exclusively to "Dubstep" and started using other forms of expression. It is therefore with their new album "Hybrid Distillery" that the group now has to make an impression by imposing its style in other genres of electronic music. This fifth album is not only another acoustic chapter, it is also about graphics. The draftsman/graffiti artist/director "Ebola - Delit2fuite" brings a whole new visual world mixed with, just like Ganja White Night, artistic originality and singularity never achieved until now.

Honey Bad:William Benson is no stranger to the music scene, having recorded multiple hip hop albums, under the name WeB and signed to Sparkle City Records out of Spartanburg, SC around the age of 18, he's been making music for a while. Now at 25 and still making music, he has found a new home, in the electronic scene, with a new name, Honey Bad.

Honey Bad is a name chosen specifically to represent an animal thats extremely versatile, and extremely effective, which is the direction he's choosing to go with his music. He's grown to realize that it doesn't matter the BPM, the genre, the sounds, or the emotions you receive from music, it all has it's own time, place, and purpose, and he just wants to create music for any and all of those occasions, that everyone can enjoy.

"I hope you love the music as much as I love making it


EazyBaked:Coming from the hills of Clermont, Florida is EAZYBAKED, a dynamic music producing triplet of old friends looking to bring underground music to the streets and little kids bedrooms. One third of the group is eazy, a unique, forward-thinking producer/DJ, Mr.Baked a simply electrifying DJ/Producer and we can't leave out MontyCler, an extraordinary Producer with an insane ability to fuck shit up on a computer keyboard.

Many of their accomplishments are more skill-based which you can hear for yourself in their series of mixes. They performed at the Horizon Music Festival in January of 2014. And since then have planned to release a full EP of songs.


SoundLeake:Austin Leake, is a 21 year old Dj from Tampa, FL, making a name for himself with his unique, trippy, wobble selection of music. Bio:Music was my first love, and i'll die with it as my last. I do what I do to spread the soul and talent that goes into each bar and measure in a track. As far as my style goes id consider myself a genre fuser, the future of music is phenomenal and even if I have but a small part to play in some downtown run down club. Watching people get out of there shell and express themselves to a beat that makes em wanna get footloose makes every minute of it worth it.

NeverKnowsBest: Lantz Kelso is a Dj/promoter/founder of church of bass in florida.




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