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Name: Anthony “T.J.” Weissenegger
Age: 31
Hometown: Coccoa Beach, FL
Influences: In no particular order… Icey, Sharaz, Rick West, DJ X, Fixx, Tony Faline, Huda Hudia, Dave London, DJ Santana, Kimball Collins, Sasha, Infiniti, Hybrid, BT, Burufunk, Phrakture, Stefan Anion, Nine Inch Nails and The Emissary to name a few…
Favorite Quote: Servin’ It Up Fresh!
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Fonik has been djing since late 1997. His first gig was at Fantasy Ranch and it was very informal. He knew some of the djs that were spinning there from frequenting house parties and clubs in the bay area at that time. He was given a short 30 minute set there, a bit of a trial run. As soon he had a taste of the power and excitement of playing for a crowd, he never looked back. Since then, he has worked on a freelance basis, at many clubs such as The Edge, Empire, 1509, The Masquerade, Cream, Studio and The Pleasure Dome to name a few, not to mention countless house parties, including some birthday parties for some of the Buccaneers. He went on to do about a year of working alongside DJ Skillz at AV-02, formerly known as Studio, in downtown Tampa. He has also done a guest spot at Sharkys of Corpus Christi, Tx. While performing there, halfway through the night they had a fashion show with John Casablanca models from Tampa showing designs from a local and prominent clothing boutique. He has also done a guest spot in LA at an event called The Spaghetti Factory, where the headcount swelled to about 800, with about 15 djs from abroad in attendance.

For about 3 years, Fonik also had a weekly 2 hour show on an internet radio station known as He was the 6th dj to join that site. Since starting back in 2001, the site grew to have over 500 djs on its roster from all over the world hosting shows 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To this day, he still holds the record for the most listeners on OGR at 374 unique listeners. Fonik has also worked 2 live events for that site. The 1st and 4th annual Orbital Grooves Radio Anniversary parties. Each had over 15 djs spinning from across the globe over the spanse of 2 days per event.

In addition to his growing list of clubs, parties and events that he has spun at, he also fancies himself as a producer of original electronic music. He began working towards this end in January of 2000. Since having started, he has produced 6 original tracks and 2 remixes.

Fonik uses a Playstation 2, his turntables with the massive arsenal of records that he has collected over the past 10 years, a midi controller, a Korg Electribe which has 2 synthesizers and a drum machine built into one module, Acid Pro, Reason, ReWire, Sound Forge and a 32 gigabyte sample library to produce his music. He prefers to use vinyl and cd decks when playing out at an event or club.

Since joining TEK in late 2009, Fonik has gone on to do a numerous house parties and events. Some of the events Fonik has been on the roster for include; Coming Together, Lost In Bass, Ultraviolet, the Party Like Its 2010 show at Gasoline Alley and Wake Up Florida to name a few. He has also performed at G-Bar’s Fusion Thursdays for the UV party and Earthdance 2010 for central Florida.

In the past, Fonik was known for playing classic Tampa style breaks. Since then, Fonik has taken a more progressive, technical approach to his sets, in an effort to stay current and to have a niche sound that is refreshing and relevant. Keep an eye for his name on future rosters as his performances are not to be missed!

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